Crystal Congregational Church

Rev. Ried Martin - Pastor
1840 Lakewood Dr.             Crystal  MI  48818        989-763-2180 Cell





Community Service

Serving the Crystal Michigan area for over 125 years

300 S. Main Street
Crystal, MI 48818


Sunday Services

Traditional Worship: 11:00 AM - Sunday morning

 Children's Church at 11:30 am Sundays

It shall be the Mission of the Crystal Congregational Church to be a beacon of light to our community by serving Christ, through the understanding and sharing of His Holy word.  A-men


Palm/Passioin Sunday

This year we will celebrate the Passion side of our special day for those who are unable to attend the Good Friday Service.  Please Join us!

Maundy Thursday

Our annual "Maundy Thursday" Seder meal will be April 17th at 6:00 pm.  Recipe's are available in the Narthex but you do NOT have to bring a recipe to attend.  We would love for a large crowd to experience our event.  Join us for this very meaningful worship service.

Good Friday

In an attempt to provide a better opportunity for our community to attend, we are changing our GOOD FRIDAY service to 6:00 pm.

SON Rise Service

Our SONrise service will be at 8:30 am and will be followed by a fantastic breakfast.  We will have our traditional EASTER SUNDAY service at 11:00 am


 Contact Us
Phone: (989) 235-4208

Pastor:   Rev. Ried Martin
Phone:  (989) 235-1007 home    (989) 763-2180 cell
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